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Wholewheat rusks

Dear Customers, we are pleased to inform you that we have lately lauched a new product- an excellent, and first of all, a very healthy snack- wholewheat rusks. Our baking, made of a wholewheat flour, butter, olive oil, a natural whey, and other nutritious ingredients, which are beneficial to our health, as well as they regulate our metabolism and help in loosing extra kilograms.

We offer wholeweat rusks in following flavors:
-sweet: with cranberry, figs, raisins, and apricots;
-savoury: with olives, dry tomatos, onions, swiss cheese, spinach and red peppers.

Our wholeweat rusks are also a great base to preparing a „dainty dish for different occasions. You can use a slice of salami saussage, a smoked samon, olives, cheese pasta etc., and a little bit of fantasy, to satify your guests.


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Wholeweat croutons

You can now buy wholeweat croutons in our brand shops. Our croutons are florid, crispy and smelly, made of wholeweat flour, butter, olive oil and natural whey. It can be used with soups, salads, mini dishes, it is a great apetizer and it constitutes a healthy snack.

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