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To meet the expectations of our Customers, for whom wedding must be an unique event in their lives, we have prepared special offer available on your request:

Cookie wedding favors:
Using cookies as wedding favors is a sweet way to thank guests for joining in the celebration. Our cookies are sold by weight. Weight is always agreed with a customer and can always be changed as per their request. All of our cookies are HANDMADE.


Sweet yeast dough cakes - it’s all about the dough!
According to our old Polish tradition, we bake sweet yeast dough cakes with yeast dough of different sizes and with various garnishing.


Polish traditional wedding bread:
The sharing of the bread, salt and wine is a long cherished Polish tradition. At the wedding reception, the parents of the bride and groom, always greet the newly married couple with bread, which is lightly sprinkled with salt. Our traditional wedding bread reflects the artistry of our master bakers.


Bowl loaves:

These brand products when filled with aromatic flavored dishes, simply cannot be resisted by any wedding guest!


swan puffs, peas puff, cracknels for the borsch soup,



We provide advice from an expert for the groom and bride in both selection and quantity of our products to be ordered. To benefit from our expert’s advice, please arrange an appointment in advance at the bakery office. Tel. (33)865-30-97 . Welcome.