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Since the very beginning of our activity, our products have been signed with “You know what you eat” slogan. The vast majority of bakeries had lost the ability of such production or it had been forgotten or abandoned, since it requires a large amount of care and deliberation be paid, as, among others, it is time- consuming and labor- intensive. If we only mention that a natural fermentation process should last three days, and under appropriate conditions, relevant component for bread dough production can be received. Bread made using this method retains all its qualities (even after being frozen), including freshness throughout the week or even for a month when kept in  linen canvas. At this point it is not possible not to mention that bread made by us with sourdough, contains live cultures of lactic acid bacteria, is proven to have health benefits, as confirmed by the relevant certificate issued by a specialist in biotechnology. professor Magdalena Wlodarczyk-Kierczyńską of the Łódź Technical University. Studies have shown that “The sourdough bread is a valuable source of vitamins, particularly niacin and riboflavin, which favor the creation of fermentation sore, and which are the driving force of many  fundamental processes of life. During the fermentation the sourdough used to produce the bread also enriched in essential amino acids (lysine, tryptophan, methionine), the basic building elements of proteins, that the human body cannot produce itself and only adequately compensated diet can supply them”, and so, we have to fulfill our duty! We wish that the bread which appears on your table is always of the highest quality. And we still keep up with the same philosophy – to make bread of natural ingredients only, which is possible by using original recipes and obeying a restricted technological regime.

Caring for our customers’ health, we make sure that all ingredients used in the production process as well as all packaging are of the highest quality and sourced from the best Polish suppliers. We do not add any artificial ingredients! We systematically make sure that all production operations, such as the quality control of ingredients and raw materials, technological processes, packaging, labeling, storing and distribution are carried out in accordance with external procedures and instructions. In order to increase confidence and safety of our consumers, we implemented HACCP system many years ago.
All our products are EXCLUSIVELY the result of work of our bakers and confectioners. With their knowledge, skills and heart they put to work, they try to meet your expectations the whole time.

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The quality is our daily bread! This is not a catch phrase, but the everyday motto of the owners of the company and the entire team of bakers, confectioners, office workers, suppliers, drivers and salespersons.