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To meet the requirements of our Customers, we successively introduce new bakery and confectionery products to our offer. We also began to open our brand shops. The first one was established in 1992 in Gilowice. Currently, it is one of 11 D.EKO-Piek Bakery’s brand shops in Żywiec Region. The shops are supplied with fresh bread several times a day, each loaf is handmade and attended to from start to finish.
Our shops are the places that attract our Customers not only with delicious products but also with eclusive and cozy interior. Here, in a relaxed atmosphere, everyone can have a taste of our products prepared from natural ingredients only. In addition to a rich assortment of baking and confectionery products, we also serve various types of delicious coffee, like Italian Lavazza, espresso, cappuccino as well as hot chocolate or tea. In summer time we serve Italian ice cream, ice cream desserts and iced coffee.