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It all began when D.EKO-PIEK Bakery was founded in 1991 and it started as a husband and wife with a vision . Zdzislaw Miska and his wife, Agnieszka, began making and delivering their fabulous products to markets and customers in Żywiec area. By word of mouth their business quickly grew. With just one old delivery truck, they promptly found the demand for their delicious products. A modern bakery was built from the ground up and it fulfilled all the demands in force back then. Simultaneously, the building was covered with own resources and hard to get bank loans then available. Despite uneasy beginnings, the company continued to grow and modernize for several consecutive years and undoubtedly, it has gone through quite an evolution since then.


Nowadays D.EKO-PIEK Bakery has the most modern machinery park at its command that does not fall behind European Union high standards, and it provides its own specialist car transportation services (10 new Renault Masters) and, what it the most important, uses the best in the world technology of traditional bread and roll production. Technology process of making bread dough main component is controlled by computer. The health and taste advantages of bread made by handling live cultures of lactic acid bacteria is used in our bakery, had been confirmed by a world class biotechnology specialist, PHD Magdalena Wlodarczyk- Kierczynska from Lodz Technical University. There are hardly two hundred bakeries in Poland that hold such certificate and D.EKO-Piek Bakery was the very first one in Podbeskidzie Region to achieve it. Furthermore, to assure even more confidence and trust of our customers in our foods, we implemented HACCP system many years ago.
Young and qualified staff is our great asset. We are proud of the fact that many of our backers and confectioners hold various master baking and pastry course works, certificates and diplomas. Many of them were to put their first steps in a profession, learning from the

owner’s experiences, who holds the masters diploma as well as an appropriate pedagogic course that enables him to bring apprentices in. It is important to underline that back in 2006, in the view of Bielsko- Biala Beskidzka Chamber of Craft and Entrepreneurship, one of our wards, as the only one, had passed the journeyman exam with the highest score possible.


Because quality is the heart of D.EKO-PIEK Bakery, we produce the Finest breads and rolls as well as snack cakes, cookies, donuts, cakes and pastries. Great care is taken to provide Customers with best benefits bread and pastry can offer. Our products are made with natural ingredients only, without the aid of product improvers and preservatives. This is why our products have a unique taste, which brings back the memories of bread that our grandfathers used to eat. We use natural processes and artisan methods as quality is our everyday motto.
We deliver daily to the stores in the Silesia and Malopolska regions, including Saturdays. Our products are also delivered to SAVIA and EURO chains, as well as to nearby schools, cafeterias, resorts and 11 of our brand shops.



Natural, good taste is the secret of D.EKO-PIEK Bakery success, which our customers value. A bakery brand established over 19 years ago we still maintain a unique reputation for quality and product innovation. Our products are always fresh and on time. We had been awarded “Silesian Commodity Trader of a Year” (“Śląski Kupiec Roku”) award in four consecutive years, “The best among the best” title, as well as with an honorable badge “A Meritorious Man for Silesia Voivodeship”  (“Zasłużony dla Województwa Śląskiego”). Back in 2006 the bakery’s founder had been nominated and distinguished with an award for  “A Man of Żywiec Region”.