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Having in mind Your health, on the 7th of October 2010 we have introduced a delectable, whole- wheat, Non- Yeast Bread to our product offer. Non- yeast  bread batch technology allows yeast allergic people for its partaking.

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In the warm summer months we propose light butter yeast cakes with seasonal fruits, which are still hot,  when they hit shop shelves a couple  times a day.

On 26 August, a famous and revered restaurateur, creator of style and arbiter of taste, Magda Gessler, has visited one of our brand shops in Węgierska Górka. An unexpected visit of this exceptional guest was due to her stay in Wegierska Gorka while shooting a tv show  “Kitchen  revolutions”. Being under the impression of a great assortment in our shop, she decided to revisit it next day. The Living End has evaluated very high our bakery products, like Gilowicki Loaf, cakes and handmade cookies in view of both taste and aesthetic qualities.

On the hottest of summer day nothing soothes and cools like ice cream. In our selected shops we recommend delicious Italian ice cream and excellent ice cream desserts. For our Customers we have also provided open-air cafés where you can taste our products with a truly great cup of coffee or a cool drink. Welcome!