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On the 15th of April we participated in the exhibition for Coalition of Mountains Land Brands. Our customers could enjoy our “bochen gilowicki” bread, a whole-wheat bread on a natural leaven as well as our one and only 100% “gilowicki” sour soup on homemade, whole wheat leaven.

As our main goal is our customers’ satisfaction, we pay every effort to constant growth and development of our employees. We are pleased to inform you that the two of our staff had participated in a prestigious cake decorating training in English style. Enjoy our photo gallery.

Summer season lasts, but the weather this year does not spoil us. We ensure that our light, full of fresh fruit cake with coffee and delicious ice cream will surely improve your mood. Welcome to our brandshops!!!

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23 July 2011 arrived to our shop on the street Ks. Słonki known satirist and cabaret artist Tomasz Jachimek.

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There have been appearing more and more Customers with their laptops in our brand shop in Jelesnia lately. With delicious coffee, they take a delight on our baking and surf the web. It is due to wireless and free of charge Internet service, which has been recently activated in the Jelesnia market square.