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White borsch is traditionally prepared for Easter Holidays, but our white leavened borsch can be prepared throughout a whole year round as its aromatic flavor helps to gather a whole family at one table.


How to make it:

Prepare 3 liters of vegetarian or meat brewing, using smoked meats or white sausage, then swamp it with half of a bottle of our borsch. Next, add horseradish, marjoram, bay leaf and boil it. You may also add a few table spoons of sour cream and garlic and serve the soup with boiled eggs. Bon appétit !

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Welcome to our summer lounge gardens. Under our shade umbrellas you can enjoy the fresh air and views outside, as well as savour with our delicious pies, ice cream, coffee and tea served in many different ways to serve different palates.  Summer is also the season for fruit, so as every year, we provide our customers with delicious seasonal fruit pies for our bakery is known for an unbanal approach towards natural, healthy and fresh product ingredients.

Passion, experience and knowledge. We are a company with a tradition but open to new innovations, which enable us to adjust to constantly changing needs of our customers. We gladly get acquainted with new world trends and meet best bakers and confectioners. Enjoy our photo gallery.

We are a company with a tradition but open to innovation and orientated towards the future. Our biggest success is our customers’ satisfaction as our motto You know what you eat!- obliges. We don’t rest on our laurels and we constantly gain knowledge on new, healthy and ecological nourishment technologies- this is why we gladly participate in fairs where we have chance to see how others do it. This time we went to Fancy Food Show in Washington D.C. Enjoy our picture gallery.

On the 15th of April we participated in the exhibition for Coalition of Mountains Land Brands. Our customers could enjoy our “bochen gilowicki” bread, a whole-wheat bread on a natural leaven as well as our one and only 100% “gilowicki” sour soup on homemade, whole wheat leaven.